Montana Time

Another flip flop, another set of laughs and unanticipated adventures. I don’t have much time to write these days, and I’m sorry, but I will get around to it next stop. Which is Leadore, ID! Me and the guys have hopped up to Helena, MT and continued south. We are in Anaconda today. It feels great to be back in Montana, though I know I’ll be walking out of it before too long. The snow is pretty melted out here, almost entirely. We’ve been enjoying the inside jokes and company of our little crew. Here are a few photos of our shenanigans.

This is a lunch joke off in a lovely shaded culvert.

A ride in the back of a horse trailer. (Yes, that is what you think it is on the walls)

Stabby and Donger in the back of an ambulance, into Encampment, WY.

And this is what we’re usually up to. Stabby, Banjo, and Donger on the road again!

I apologize for being so brief, but the mountains are calling and I must go! This trail is unbelievable. I’m always thinking about the love, feeling lucky!


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