Mail Drops

One of the most exciting things about a thru-hike is the post office visits. They’re good spots to meet the locals of a town and it feels like Chirstmas! Getting letters, cards, and goody packages from random friends and family can brighten up even the gloomiest of days out on the trail.

Each PO generally holds packages for a thru-hiker for up to two weeks. I will try to keep my arrival dates updated. Please address any mail with Shayla Paradeis and an ETA on the first line, and then general delivery on the second. Then the town, state, and zip in the usual way.

  1.  Silver City, NM  88061                                                                      April 28th
  2.  Pie Town, NM   87827                                                                      May 6th
  3.  Chama, NM  87520                                                                           May 22nd
  4.  Steamboat Springs, CO  80477                                                       June 11th
  5.  Dubois, WY 82513                                                                           July 12th
  6.  Lander, WY  82520                                                                          July 23rd
  7.  Twin Lakes, CO  81251                                                                    August 1st
  8.  Leadville, CO  80461                                                                        August 10th
  9.  Steamboat Springs, CO 80477                                                        August 22nd
  10.  Lincoln, MT  59639                                                                          August 28th

2 thoughts on “Mail Drops

  1. good luck, hope you come visit us at Sperry, Teri the “Sweet cook” (that’s what Renee calls me?)


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