Old Friends

Montana has been a treat. The scenery has been breathtaking, the beer hoppy, the company a hoot, and the truth that I get to spend my summers this way has been an overwhelming thought to me from time to time. It’s been so stunning in these glacier carved mountains. The Anaconda Pintlers and the ranges in the Beaverhead National forest are truly incredible. There are wildflowers everywhere. Plus, we’re on it! The divide is prominent and present and we walk that line. Looking out for many miles in all directions, right on the spine of the continent. Passing by Lewis and Clark way points and native battle fields. I feel challenged and inspired.

I’ve been noticing that great Montana feel, as well, sitting down for an occasional beer in town and talking to the locals. Feeling like everyone is what they are, in a really beautiful way. I’ve been talking about life in Glacier, how lucky I am to have my family, how naturally we all behave, even when we don’t do what we’re proud to have done or admit that fear got the better of us. We laugh, we cheers, and we feel connected, because we all are. Because we’re alive and lucky and aware of it. It’s been incredible.

Jesse is here to visit today. He’s the greatest link I have to who I am other than my family. It’s so great to have him here. We stayed up talking and playing cards till 2 am last night. He’s hiking out with me today. I can’t help but think of what a special friendship we have. That we could be partners for 8 years and then have such a concrete friendship to rely on today and for many days to come!

For the record, there’s Moose Drool in them thar mugs!



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