I’m setting out on a walkabout from Mexico to Canada. A journey bound to teach me a thing or two, which stretches along the spine of our continent, along the magnificent Rocky Mountains. I’m touched to say, someone is going to drop me off on the Mexican border, and I’m going to spend my summer walking home. A dream for me that’s getting more real by the moment.

I’ll have my fair share of challenges I’m sure, from desert crossings to snowy traverses. All the while, to be able to live this way is something I truly treasure and the support I receive for it means the world to me! I’ll do my best to share as much of it as I can. Thanks, always, for the love!


PCT- Glacier 236

The journey starts April 21st. With hopes to return to Glacier before the Sperry Chalet closes on September 9th. I’m looking forward to some great town stops along the way, which hold some of my dear friends.

This will be my 3rd thru hike. I did the Appalachian Trail in 2011 and the Pacific Crest Trail in 2013. It’s been a gift to get to live this way. And, this may come as a bit of shock to you, I’m in love with Glacier National Park. Have been since I was 14 and it keeps growing. Honestly, it’s getting out of hand. I spent my last summer(2014) running around it like a wild animal. Going for long run/hike treks across the park with a giant grin on my face. Through spiky bushes well over my head, lost trails along the prairie and burn zones, hail storms, raging river crossings, and all I have to say for myself is……”When can I do more of that?!”  This will be one very emotional return for me, if I make it to Marias Pass.

PCT- Glacier 242

I will have mail drops along the way, and always welcome mail! Its touching to be thought of, and I’m always hungry. Just last week, I was sitting at Apgar Lookout with my friend Dan, taking in the beautiful snow-covered skyline of Glacier, feeling alive and lucky. I looked over to Dan and said, “Do you want to know what hiking’s really about?” He went serious, silent,  like something huge was about to be said. I pulled a burrito out of my backpack and a bag of kettle chips and grinned, “Eating. It’s about eating.” Which is pretty much what’s true!

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for following me. If love didn’t walk with me, I never would have gotten anywhere!


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