The Beginning

It’s time. The earth is coming out and the air is alive with moisture. Some things are about to grow. I hope to be one of them. If I should be so lucky. To change with the seasons, to run with the water, to bloom with the flowers would be so simple and so tremendous at the same time. I suppose if it’s possible, the deeper I go into these woods, the better my chances. I keep thinking of the phrase “give up” lately. Not sure in what sense. To give up comfort, maybe. At least to a certain degree. To give up explanations for a little while and give the silence the right of way. Or just to stop fighting. To not extend or contort or work to manipulate anything. Just to be.

Thank you to all of my loved ones for your support. If love didn’t walk with me I never would have gotten anywhere. Lets go on this journey and see what it has to teach us.



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