Sometimes We’re On Fire

It’s the home stretch, my friends. Two hours ago I crossed into East Glacier, MT. I’m ecstatic to be here.

Getting here was interesting. From Helena, it was a 2 1/2 day walk to the town of Lincoln, MT. I met a nice hiker, Tom from Israel, and the company was nice, as it was a rough walk. There was some thick smoke everywhere. Extremely limited visibility and a little tough on the lungs. Meanwhile, I was paying no attention to the water situation and Tom was. Little did I know there was a 30 mile stretch about to happen, with no water sources. Even with Tom’s advisory, it was still one of the thirstiest days I’ve ever had. Chalk it up to the fact that smoke makes us thirsty.

When we got into Lincoln, and ate our weight in junk food, we got news from hikers ahead that the Bob Marshall Wilderness was 100% closed. No one in! That means a 113 mile road walk from Augusta, MT into East Glacier. We hitched ahead to join the group, Stabby and Banjo were there. As well as Rafiki and a few new hikers I hadn’t met. And thus began a different kind of adventure, road walking.

It’s been surprisingly fun. A lot of inside jokes and games have emerged. A lot of locals in small-town Montana have wonder what the hell we are doing. A nice couple, Micah and Jo, took us in in Choteau. That’s an amazing gesture, considering there are 8 of us.

Although it’s a way different style than I’m used to, I’m grateful for it. Lots of laughs. I didn’t anticipate how much it was going to mean to me to come into Glacier with the view from the plains either. Just like the first time I saw it 14 years ago, when it changed my life forever. Here I am today, more in love with it than before. If you ever want to love your home more, I recommend spending a whole summer journeying toward it. I’m here now. And the fires are subsiding, and the trail just opened back up today.

Home at last!

Home at last!



2 thoughts on “Sometimes We’re On Fire

  1. Allow me to welcome you back to your beloved homeland! Enjoy these last miles! Also enjoy–and appreciate–the wonderful cornucopia of emotions that must be running through your pretty little head. Thanks for keeping us posted.


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