The Fun State

Greetings from colorful Colorado. In the last week and a half I’ve had a really great time. I’ve made it almost half way through the state, which means I’m booking it. That feels great! Colorado has been both beautiful and friendly. I saw more other hikers on my first 10 miles along the Colorado trail than I have all summer.


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The San Juans are beautiful! Its just one glorious walk above tree line for almost every mile of the 120. The views were vast and colorful and for the first time all hike, I was able to average 30 miles a day into Lake City.

Camp in the San Juans

Camp in the San Juans


Lake City was the first hostel I’ve come to on the trail. Right as I limped in to find a bunk, my friend Spoonman popped out the front door. I dropped my things and gave him a big bear hug. We caught up for the next night and morning. I got to have a home cooked meal with him and his friends (one of which owns the hostel) and we stayed up around the camp fire playing songs and howling at the moon. It was wonderful.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get much better, my friend Sara-Tide showed up and surprised me. She has a bit of time between jobs and has come to do road support with me. I call her Sara-Tide because she was Tide Walker on the AT when we met back in 2011. She and I hiked from North Carolina to southern Maine together. Which is practically the entire trail. I don’t know that there’s anyone on this planet that I’ve walked with more, and it’s been great to have her.  On the AT, her and Stephen and I had a little group you might remember, Dumbledore’s Army. We were all Harry Potter fans and split the 7th book into three pieces to carry and read along the way. Those were good times. These are too! With Sara’s help I’ve been able to get in some big miles. And today were taking off from Salida to go do another 50 to 60 miles before she has to take off.

Salida is a neat town. We had dinner down by the river with a friend I made while hitch hiking, Chris. It’s fun to watch all the dogs play and the people rolling in the river tides right downtown. We’re in a 1.2 star hotel today, I’ve got my feet soaking, and I am excited to get back out there. It feels amazing to get to see Sara at road crossings each night. I feel light and happy and fast as hell, the excitement of getting to camp with Sara-Tide is a great motivator.


There are so many good things on the horizon! Soon I’ll be to my good friend Dan’s house. Adrienne and Heidi will be coming out for a possible trail run with me. Then it’s all those ski towns, and a walk back into Steamboat. I’ve gone over 2,000 miles this summer. The end is drawing near. Thanks for all the love and support! Long may we walk!


5 thoughts on “The Fun State

  1. Beautiful…as always. You are just killin’ it. Slow down…enjoy…take it all in.
    Can’t wait to see you in Glacier again though. When you planning on being here?


  2. So happy to ‘hear’ that smile all the way in Wadena, MN!!! You sure deserve it. Glad you caught up with friends. I think that’s pretty amazing actually–small world. Happy to hear that your feet got happy for a bit! The beer looked pretty good too. Lark is walking with you, and enjoying the narrative! Thank you so much for sharing so much of yourself.
    Happy Trails. Stay safe! Love you.

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