For the Love

Dear friends and family, I tell ya what…..Wow! I’m feeling emotionally overwhelmed right now, and grateful for it. I just spent the last few days in the Grand Tetons, which was a detour caused by a few minor issues, then turned into a wonderful side trip. I met so many travelers, Paul from Indiana, Bill from Santa Cruz, a fun couple who work in National Parks like I do, and it was all a great recharge. It’s because of the love in all of us. The connection we make, the joy we share, the journey for the sake of the journey and nothing more. Just to feel alive for the short chance we have to feel that way, and what’s more, to see others experiencing it too.

I say this with a heavy heart, having just read that my dear friend, Donna Hartnett, has passed away in a long struggle with cancer.  I gained so much from her friendship, especially watching her continue to have so much love to give us all through her illness. It was incredible to be close to her for the last few months of her life. I’m honored and touched to be a friend of hers. I’m about to go into the Wind River range and I feel like I’ll get to be with her in a strange way.

I think the very most we can get out of our short time on this earth is the chance to mean something to one another. I’m thinking of the love in my life today, feeling so lucky.

For the Love!!!PCT- Glacier 236


2 thoughts on “For the Love

  1. Happy for your trail connections but sad for the loss of your friend. I think you’re right – the only thing we take with us everywhere is the love. So hear’s to it: love between family, love between friends, love of nature, love of the challenge, and – best of all – love everlasting!

    Shine on, dear Shayla! Wishing you much joy and love in the journey! ❤


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