Basin, Great!

Alas, I find myself in Rawlins, WY. With a sunburn and a smile. The road trip up to Wyoming was a hoot. 7 hikers crammed in a van, gazing out the window at the crazy amounts of snow throughout Colorado. At times we were struck speechless with it. High hopes that it will melt a bit while we’re up here walking across the Great Basin.

And what a basin indeed. We walked along the Oregon trail and California Cut Off, which had some neat history to read about. Got a hitch to the trailhead, all 7 of us, in the back of a horse trailer. Enjoyed 4 1/2 days of good, clean walking. No blizzards, no scary river crossings, still some hail, just one very electric storm had me crouching in a ditch yesterday, all is well. What a time of year to be here too! It’s wet. Which is rare. The Basin is known for some of the longest stretches on the trail without water, which is not the case at all this season. I think it’s about the wettest it ever gets. Which makes us quite lucky.

We’re enjoying one another’s company too. Lots of good laughs and inside jokes in the making. Lots of wildlife, pronghorns and wild horses.

The five of us (Donger, Banjo, Stabby, Bird Dog, and I) are going to the movies tonight. Pitch Perfect 2, I guess it is (I didn’t pick it), we’re going to sneak in some beer:) Life is good.


3 thoughts on “Basin, Great!

  1. Don’t drop the empty glass bottle of beer on the concrete floor during the quiet part of the movie…haha 😀 That was fun!


  2. Go, go sweet girl…we visited with your comrades at Tupelo tonight…all are in your zone (not sure what that means ’cause we’re so ancient) but to us it means we are gloriously happy for you and your expedition.
    love jay, marla, bo and katrine


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