For those of you who have been following the weather of the southwest this spring, you might not be too surprised by this. Turns out, Colorado is snowy. Huh. Weird. Although, more so, it turns out, Colorado is too snowy for me to feel comfortable walking on through. It’s 100% snow pack from here on north, and that may last weeks. So I’ve found a group of wienies like myself and we are renting some cars up to central Wyoming to hike south. That puts us back here (Chama, NM) in 6-7 weeks. Which will be a remarkable time to walk through the San Juan Mountains! All is well. Loads of logistics to work out, but I’m getting it together. My mail drops will chance a bit, but otherwise, I’m just hiking on. Happy, healthy, and ready for more adventure.


3 thoughts on “Flip-Flopping

  1. Flip Flopping sounds really smart. Good for you! Why should marching straight from north to south or south to north become the be all/have all … in my humble yet outspoken opinion 🙂 ? Especially when wise common sense decisions like this means you will avoid unnecessary risk and likely be able to really enjoy more of the beauty of nature that is waiting yet currently hidden under the snowpack, for its time to come. Plus, this just adds to the adventure! I’m enjoying your blogs so thanks for posting. 🙂

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