New Mexico, You Magnificent Bastard!

Marvelous New Mexico! What can I say? In one month I can hardly believe what I’ve seen. In one month I’ve had more life-rocking experiences than an entire summer in Glacier or my other two thru-hikes combined. I simply can’t believe there is one state with all of these things. From low desert, to over 11 thousand feet. I’ve never been hailed on so much in all of my life (sometimes it feels like mother nature is shooting at you). Never crossed a river so many times. Never been lost so much. Never had to pitch my tent early in the evening to get out of the elements and woke up to crashes of thunder and a caved in tent with pounds of heavy snow. Never actually yelled, “That’s enough!” like a pissed-off child, at the weather before. Never drank water quite that color. You have reshaped me, New Mexico! Hats off to you.

The morning after the storm

The morning after the storm

And as much as I sometimes get grumpy at your majestic demeanor, I also thank you. Thank you for the sun on the mesa. What a thing to see. The painted rock, the turquoise water of the rushing stream, the cacti in bloom. Thank you for the canyons, so many canyons connecting the way! The caves. The alpine. The humble towns opening up to us dirty hikers. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the opportunities to get found. For leading me home and teaching me so much along the way.

shayla's junk 227

I’m in Ghost Ranch tonight. It’s magical. In the last week, I’ve had it handed to me! I sit here now, dry, clean, and aware of being alive. Thank you, always, for the love.


5 thoughts on “New Mexico, You Magnificent Bastard!

  1. You are a badass beeotch. Tipping my hat to you, Miss Shayla! Also, just missing singing with you, a lot lately. Already looking forward to our meeting at the end of your trail. Lots of love!


    • Awe, been missing you and our singing too! I was just talking about it last night and playing some tunes with hikers. I daydream about the hootenanny often. Hope your summer is starting out beautifully. Glad you’re with me out here!


  2. Hi Shayla. Glad to hear that you’re dry, clean and not lost–and all at the same time! Keep on cleansing your mind as you get past the ‘rock shaking’ events as well as embracing the thought of being clean and dry again, one day soon. Thanks for sharing your experiences so eloquently…actually, thanks for sharing. Period.

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