Just Don’t Step on a Cactus

I’ve made it back to Lordsburg and it feels great. Great, yes, but not graceful. I have a great racoon sunburn on my face, a little stiffness in the legs, hunger enough for three people……and JOY! It feels great to be back at it.

The Southern Terminus

The Southern Terminus

I spent most of my time out there alone, which was good. I wanted to get an idea of where I was at for navigation. It’s going pretty well. I think I understand what I’m doing. I like the new challenges of the CDT. It’s truly not a trail all the time, sometimes it’s cross country, from marker to marker, and it feels fun. Even when you can’t see the next marker and you get that little jump in your tummy that goes, ‘Alright, wilderness mode. What’s the smartest thing to do next?’ Then you find your marker 5 minutes later.

I’m loving the desert more and more. Hard to believe as a creature of the north. I appreciate the views so wide open and unique. The plants, the dirt, and most of all, the reptiles! What troopers. Seriously! I almost stepped on a horny toad the other day and could swear I heard it say, “Blend in” like in the movie Rango. I saw a couple of snakes just sprawled across the dirt, soaking up that sunlight and just felt impressed. I’m carrying lots of things in my goody bag, there just out here exposed.

The Boot Heel

The Boot Heel

That’s the word too, exposed. That’s what turns out to feel heavy about the desert. You have to live with it, there is nothing else. When the rain comes, when the sun is hot, your allies, the trees, aren’t there to save you. It feels cunning in a way. It feels like I’m learning something good. Something about what’s in me instead of what’s out there for me.


5 thoughts on “Just Don’t Step on a Cactus

  1. Shayla, I am so impressed with your perspective! Life is cross country and the “markers” are not always apparent, but with exposure one locates them!!! Charlie

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  2. I am so proud of your persistence and positive attitude. Every experience promotes growth and enlightenment in you! You are a role model to so many of us.Love, love, love you! -Marm

    p.s. Please use tons of sunscreen!

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  3. Heyla, heyla, Shayla Bayla. Are you there yet? I was worried for a moment about the horny toad, but I knew he’d be safe with you on the trail. Also because he listened to his mother and learned how to blend in!

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