Saying Goodbye

It’s my last night in Montana, and today felt heavy. I said goodbye to my cat this morning and went home to my empty cabin to clean it. I couldn’t stop thinking about the close of this current chapter. How it’s been a time for growth, which doesn’t always feel lovely, but it’s always worth going through, and I’m grateful.

On my last day as nanny for two delightful, wild boys, we set up tent city in the yard. We agreed that it was the coolest thing the three of us have ever done together. We even got some friends, Emily, Jossey, and Eliza to come play with us. Then my housemate, the boy’s mom, Jami came out too. At one point, we were 3 women and 4 children all huddled in the same 2 person tent. I thought to myself how special that was. How lucky I am for the place I call home and the remarkable people that make it so much more than the magical landscape it already is. How lucky I am to get to live life the way I do and how rich I am for the love.


 So tomorrow I set out. In some ways it feels like my steps on to the platform at the train station are the most significant. The real beginning. Though where the journey actually begins, I couldn’t say. I think it already has.

Oh, Montana. I leave you again, but this time I’m crossing you in style. So goodbye dear friends, I’ll see you always.


3 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye

  1. Shayla, The landscapes you cross are made more incredibly beautiful because you are there. No question I am blessed to know you and share your extraordinary journey. Thank you for living a life that demonstrates the joy of a loving adventure. Let me know where you want IPA and thin mints!!! Have an exceptional time every day! Charlie


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